1.     Preparation of estimates for the construction of construction sites through the definition of a construction organization plan and a complete logistics chain

2.     Stakeout of construction site (identification of geodesic points)

3.     Construction Site Fencing 

4.      Earthwork

5.      Arranging foundation for the building

6.     So- called monolithic works (so-called Black Frame) of bearing part of the building

7.      Arranging works of non-bearing part, so-called block of the building

8.    Arranging and accomplishing the part of the external facade of the building

9.     Arranging and accomplishing receptions, halls and entrances of public spaces of the building  

10.  Arranging and accomplishing inner living spaces of the building (so-called White and Green Frames)

11.  Construction and accomplishing the yard  and the adjacent territory of the building

12.  Arrangement and provision of the building with an autonomous boy septic tank

13.  Construction, completing and landscaping of the swimming pool

Construction and installation works of the engineering and technical part of the building (communications)

1.     Works on the arrangement of water supply, sewerage and electrification 

2.     Ensurance of drainage systems on the building in order to protect from rainwater

3.    Construction and installation works of heating and cooling systems of the building  

4.   Installation and arrangement works of   weak currents (Internet, cable networks, internal and external telephone connections, work on the installation of surveillance cameras) 

5.    Installation of the engineering and technical part concerning the swimming pool  

6.     Installation work of fire safety systems 

Determination of geophysical and hydrogeological data for the project area

1.      Determination of potable and technical water in the bowels of the soil layers

Arrangement of potable water well in a place indicated as a result of geophysical surveys

2.     Installation of operational pillar  

3.      Installation of plastic pipes

4.      Backfilling of crushed stone for arranging a filtration zone

5.     Purging the well with air (so-called Dry Drilling)