Multipurpose facility "Green Line Batumi"


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“The multifunctional building-complex (hotel complex) consists only of a ground-level parking lot and one high-rise building, with the territory initially characterized by complex relief. To the south, the plot faces an internal service road leading to the botanical garden, while to the north and west lies Batumi’s unique botanical garden, with the land plot spread out in the so-called zone from the sea. One-third of the multifunctional building-complex is occupied by hotel rooms, while the remaining part contains apartments, a dining facility, a swimming pool on the territory of the yard, and a semi-open summer cafe-bar located on the open terrace of the last floor. Including the architectural element, the total height of the building from the project 0.00 mark is 45 meters, with a storey count of 14 floors.”

Plan and sketches of the project